SC20: Nov 9-19, Virtual due to the Covid 19

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SC2020 Workshop and Technical program presentations & involvement by UvA group members.

  • In the INDIS 2020: The 7th International Workshop on Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science.
    • Presentation "A Brief History of INDIS" by Cees de Laat
    • Panel Experimental Networks (XNET) moderated by Cees de Laat, Ezra Kissel, Mary Hester.
      • Thursday Nov 12, 11h05-11h55
      • Program:
        • "Panel Introduction: Experimental Networks (XNET)," Cees de Laat (UvA), Ezra Kissel (ESnet)
        • XNET Lightning Talks
          • "The BRIDGES Project - Building a Global Cyber-Infrastructure Canvas Supporting Networked Applications Experimentation and Evolution," Jerry Sobieski (George Mason University), slides
          • "FABRIC/FAB Deep Dive," Anita Nikolich (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Ilya Baldin (RENCI)
          • "SAGE: AI at the Edge for Software-defined Wireless Sensors," Pete Beckman (Argonne National Laboratory)
          • "Quantum Networking," Inder Monga (ESnet), slides
          • "Extending the Research Engineering Network to the Wireless Edge," Andrew Wiedlea (ESnet)
        • Panel Discussion: Experimental Networks (XNET)
    • Paper presentation: "Using P4 and RDMA to collect Telemetry Data,", Rutger Beltman, Silke Knossen, Joseph Hill (presenter), Paola Grosso.
    • paper: INDIS-2020-UvA-JH-Paper.pdf
    • slides: INDIS-2020-UvA-JH-Slides.pdf
  • SCinet Experimental Networks Session.
    • Friday Nov 13, 10h00 - 14h30, organized and moderated by Ezra Kissel, Mary Hester, Cees de Laat
    • Demonstrator "Policy Auditing in Data Exchange Systems.", by Paola Grosso, Xin Zhou, Reggie Cushing
    • Full program of the XNET session:


Policy Auditing in Data Exchange Systems.

Speakers: Paola Grosso, Xin Zhou, Reggie Cushing
Co-authors: Ralph Koning, Adam Belloum, Sander Klous, Tom van Engers, Cees de Laat

Abstract: Digital Data Marketplaces allow to securely share data between competing parties. To maintain data sovereignty in such environments we translate market transactions into audited, secure network connections which enforce policies and track data exchanges.
This challenge spans many layers from legal, where contracts about data sharing are formulated, down to network layers where fine-grained policy enforcement and tracking can take place. In this demo we focus on two aspects of the data market place:
  1. the network and its role in translating market transactions into secure network connections for data transactions, and
  2. the auditing plane that spans multiple domains and maintains an audit trail of the activities of the involved domains to validate the correct execution of the agreed upon transactions.
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