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Authentication Framework, GAAAPI, bindings, cookies

author(s): Joe Salowey, John Vollbrecht, Standish Stewart, Eric Brunner

Kerberos Authentication schemes for the different Authorisation models by Standish Stewart: ppt slides
(Joe) Here are some links I've been looking at recently that might be useful.  I
hope I got this message to people who were on the call this week.  I added
Axel Nennker to the list because he expressed interest in the Security
related AAA work.

GAAAPI (Generic authorization and Access contol API)
These documents describe this API.  John, Standish and I are looking into
how this integrates into our examples.

The Open Groups is working on a similar authorization API

Cliff Neuman's paper on Proxy-Based Authorization and Accounting for
Distributed Systems which talks somewhat about delegation.

SPKI Certificate Theory talks a little about delegation, authentication and
HTTP cookie draft (state management).
trust mechanism for state management (cookies, yum!)

This is the IESG position message on the use of HTTP cookies.  They do
mention authentication in 2.2.2 and in other places.


Authors:  Tatyana Ryutov and Clifford Neuman
Title:    (untitled)
Handle:   draft-ietf-cat-acc-cntrl-frmw-03.txt

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