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Prof. dr. ir. Cees T. A. M. de Laat
Complex Cyber Infrastructure group (CCI)
Informatics Institute, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904, room C3.152, NL-1098 XH Amsterdam
PO-Box 94323, 1090 GH Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Affiliate Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Phone  - +31205257590 _
Secretariat  - +31205256789
Mail  - delaat->uva.nl

Cees de Laat


The complexity of digital systems on all scales is my research field. Cyber Infrastructure is rapidly evolving from relatively simple fixed components to programmable and virtualized objects with many degrees of freedom, owned, operated and governed by different entities in multiple administrative domains interacting on the Internet. Harnessing this complexity in a transparent trust-able way for safe and secure data processing is a major research topic that nowadays defines the focus in my research. I am part of the Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI) research group that hosts this research line.

The CCI group works closely together with the MNS and PCS groups in the SNE cluster to conduct research on leading-edge computer systems of all scales, ranging from global-scale systems and networks to embedded devices. The CCI contributes to the Security and Network Engineering Master (SNE), Software Engineering Master (SE), the Computer Science Master (CS) and the Bachelor Informatica (BI) programs to disseminate knowledge through education.


Current Projects

  • OFCnet - Optical Forum Conference network exhibition / demo zone.
  • AMDEX - Amsterdam Data Exchange pilot
  • EPI - Enabling Personalized Interventions
  • DL4LD - Data Logistics 4 Logistic Data
  • SSPDDP - Secure Scalable Policy-enforced Distributed Data Processing.
  • SecConNet - Smart, Secure Container Networks for Trusted Big Data Sharing.
  • DAS - Distributed ASCI Supercomputer DAS2, DAS3, DAS4, DAS5, DAS6
  • SC - Supercomputing demonstrators, presentations, articles

Committees & Memberships

Interesting Subjects

  • SETUP - Internet tools, Web Server (apache) and DNS (bind) on MacOS using Homebrew.
    • delaat.net scores at internet.nl for WEB: and for MAIL:
  • CHECK - Security checks on a number of Websites and email Servers.
  • O365 - Office cloud - pro's, con's and best practices.
  • MDM - Mobile Device Management; pro's, con's and best practices.
  • QuantumNetworks - Quantum Networking & Computing, DoE Workshop
  • SmartNetworks - Smart High-Performance Networks, DoE Works
  • SDI - Software Defined Infrastructures
  • Logo's - Logo CCI - logo SNE.

Completed Projects

  • EU-ENVRIplus
  • EU GEANT (GN4 project)
  • NWO-SES GreenClouds
  • PIRE workshop
  • CineGrid-Amsterdam, CineGrid-UVA
  • AAAARCH - IRTF Authentication, Authorization and Accounting ARCHitecture RG

  • SCARIe
  • VL-e
  • GigaPort + 40G @ GLIF and SC10
  • StarPlane
  • EU Phosphorus
  • EU NextGrid
  • GigaPort-NG
  • EU DataTAG
  • Privacy and security platform @ UVA